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Top 10 Strange things to do in Reno, Nevada

Las Vegas takes the spotlight when it comes to travel to Nevada, but don’t forget the state’s other one-of-a-kind city, Reno.  It’s not the state capital as sometimes confused (that’s Carson City, just to the south), but it does offer a few wild experiences you can’t get anywhere else.  Let’s explore the top strange and weird things to do in Reno, Nevada.


1. Put one foot in Nevada and one in California – at the same time.

A the Cal Nevada Casino at North Lake Tahoe the state line has been marked so that you can easily have a foot in each state either in the lobby, parking lot or the pool. Just think you could say you swam from Nevada to California.

2. Look out for wild horses

If you go out to the eastern edge of the city behind Rattlesnake Hill you may be lucky enough to see a herd of wild mustangs. Otherwise ask a guide to take you to spots along the city borders to look out for the beasts. Rattlesnake Hill is also a great nighttime excursion to see the city lights from above.

3. National Automobile Museum

See a collection of all kinds of dreams on wheels including several vehicles that belonged to famous stars. For example here you can see Elvis Presley’s Cadillac Eldorado and the 1953 Corvette that belonged to John Wayne.

4. Birth Place of Jeans

See the plaque on North Virginia Street marking the former location of Jacob Davis’s Tailor Store where in 1871 jeans were invented. Jacob later teamed up with Levi Strauss and the rest is garment history.

5. The Spy Shop

In this spy store you can find everything to be the next James Bond 007 but they also have a selection of novelty items and toys all related to spy stuff. You can get airsoft guns, blow-dart guns, spyglasses and leg irons.

6. Reno Psychic Institute

Although this institute provides extended learning in all areas of the psychic field you can get an aura reading for a mere $25 or have an in-depth reading to unlock physical, emotional or spiritual ailments.

7. Wine Walk

For $20 you can take a guided walk through the Riverwalk District and get to know the restaurants and other establishments as well as getting a wine route map, wine glass and ID bracelet to take home.

8. VW Beetle Spider

See the giant “spider” with the body of a VW Beetle car on top of the roof of a homeless shelter in Downtown Reno.

9. BaseCamp

Climb the world’s tallest climbing wall in this huge indoor boulder park. You can have a go at the various climbing boulders or try the slackline but the main attraction is the outdoor climbing wall up the side of the building.

10. Reno Festivals

Attend one or more of Reno’s extraordinary festivals they include: Reno River Festival; Reno Rodeo; Reno-Tahoe Odyssey; Tour de Nez; Hot August Nights; Nevada Territory Wild West Fair; Western States Wild Horse and Burro Expo and the most famous of Reno festivals – the Burning Man Festival.

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